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Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

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There is something about the presence of a cat… that seems to take the bite out of being alone.
- Louis J. Camuti -

Q: How do I sign up for vacation sitting, in-home pet care, pet nanny or dog walking services?
A: You can call Michael at the Little Characters Pet Sitting office at 484-452-8004 to review your pet care needs. An initial conference between you and one of our professional pet sitters or dog walkers will be scheduled. At this initial meeting, you and our sitter will discuss your pet’s daily routines, dietary and exercise needs. You can also contact us by sending inquiries to the following email address:

Q: Are you insured and bonded?
A: Absolutely. For your security, all our sitters are bonded and insured via Little Characters Pet Sitting. Our certificate can be viewed on this website. To see copies of our insurance and bonding certificates please click on the following PDF attachments: Certificates

Q: When should I furnish a key to my sitter?
A: During the initial consultation. If you cannot provide a key at this time, we can

return to pick-up a copy.

In the event we need to return to get a key, there is a nominal charge of $20 charged to your account. Most customers allow us to maintain a key in a secure file for daily or periodic use.  It is suggested that a neighbor is designated to have a spare key should a problem arise where emergency entry to your home to care for your animals is sudden and unanticipated.

Q: Are references available?
A: Yes they are. We want you to be comfortable about using this service. We can

furnish references upon your request who can verify our commitment to your pets,

our attention to detail as well as our ability to be trusted - a very vital facet of this service.

Q: Who are our pet sitters and by what criteria are they screened?
A: Our pet pet sitters are all carefully screened individuals and we aim to hire people with a background in Veterinarian Technology. We are taking care of VIP members of your family and these individuals need to exhibit care and compassion toward animals. Additionally, we screen our sitters by running a criminal background check and contacting several of their references.

Q: What is the best method to contact LCPS?
A: Calling is usually the most expeditious way to reach LCPS. The phone number is 484-452-8004. Should you get the answering machine please leave a message - the messages are checked several times throughout the day. You can also send an email - emails are checked approximately twice per day.

Q: If I leave a message on the answering machine, what information is needed from me if I am seeking to book your service and how often do you check your messages?
A: The messages left by clients are checked several times throughout the day, every day, seven days a week. Important information to leave for us includes travel dates for pet sitting or the days you are interested for dog walking services. The quantity and types of pets requiring sitting is necessary. Additionally, your home address, town, contact phone numbers and email address are crucial.

We do return ALL calls even if we cannot help you.  Should this be the case, we always try to refer you to someone who can.

Q: How are payments handled?
A: All Services for both vacation visits and Dog Walking are payable in advance. In the case of Dog Walking, payments for weekly dog walking are expected to be paid by the Friday preceding the week of Dog Walks. We can set this up to perform this function automatically with your credit card issuer. We accept Master Card and Visa.

Q: Where should payments be sent?
A: Payments can be made via Credit Card online by selecting the Make Payment button on this page. Or, payments can be sent to:
Little Characters Pet Sitting
PO Box 1044
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

Q: What is your cancellation policy on sitting?
A: Our policy for cancellation of a pet sitting is as follows:
Greater than 7 days - Full refund.
7 days or less – 50% refund.
3 days or less – No refund.
The only way we can refund you 100% of an advance payment for cancellations made 7 days or less, is if we are able to rebook the space you had previously booked with our sitter for a later date. In that case, we would apply 100% of your other deposit toward your next booking.

Q: Is the information I provide Little Characters Pet Sitting and our sitters confidential?
A: Absolutely. All your information is kept confidential and is not shared with any outside organization. We will only use your information as a means to take good care of your pets and/or home while you are away.

Q: Will I get the same sitter each time I travel?
A: We prefer to have the same sitter take care of your pets each time you travel. This cannot always be guaranteed however. Should a substitute sitter be necessary, Michael would schedule an introduction so you and your pets can get acquainted with the new sitter.

Q: Can I hire my sitter directly without calling the office at LCPS first?
A: For obvious reasons, our staff is prohibited from soliciting or accepting employment directly from clients and have signed a non-compete agreement contract to this effect. Please do not place our staff in the uncomfortable position of offering them employment apart from LCPS. Often, our clients are given cell phone numbers of our sitters but we ask that you do not circumvent calling our office for booking of future visits. Thank you for honoring this policy.

Q: Can you administer medication to my animals while I am away?
A: Affirmative. So long as your pet does not pose a threat to our sitter, for a small fee, we would be happy to do so. The pricing will depend on what needs to be administered. A waiver of consent would also need to be signed.

Q: I have to leave on short notice and I don't have time make an initial appointment with the sitter? Are you able to take care of my pets under this circumstance?
A: Unfortunately no. Both for your safety and comfort level as well as the safety of our sitter coming into your home, we must have an initial consultation first before we take care of your pets. Occasionally, we might have last minute availability. If this is the case, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Q: Do you board dogs, cats or other animals in your home?
A: We do not board any pets in our home. The focus of our service is to care for your pets in the environment that they are most familiar, your home. We provide daily dog walks and/or vacation visitations to feed your animals, scoop the litter boxes, feed the fish or hamsters, etc. It is always our goal to do this as hassle free as possible. Boarding is just not an option we provide at this time.

Q: Do you have a minimum number of days that I would need in order to sign up for a dog walking service?
A: Dog walking service is provided Monday through Friday. Two days per week is the minimum and we ask that these be set days so that our walker and your dog can have a set schedule.

Q: May I give my dog walker or sitter a gratuity?
A: You sure can. You can give gratuities directly to the sitter or you can mail them to Little Characters. 100% of gratuities go to your designated sitter.

Q: Do you charge a holiday fee?
A: There is a nominal fee over and above the normal rates for holiday services. Please refer to our rate schedule. These additional fees help us reward our sitters who are willing to sacrifice their holidays to work with Little Characters.

Q: What kind of animals does Little Characters Pet Sitting care for?
A: Even though we cater largely to pet owners of cats and dogs, it is not uncommon for clients to have other types of pets. Fish, hamsters, rabbits, pet pigs, etc are all within our range of capability. While these rates may not be posted, they would be similar to the posted rates. For a firm quote, just call the office.

Q: Why does Little Characters Pet Sitting donate so much of its income to the charitable organizations already mentioned on the home page?
A: At Little Characters Pet Sitting, we really care about animal welfare and animal rights. It is very sad how animals are chronically mistreated all over the world. It is our belief that we are in a position to assist these non-profit, charitable organizations with financial contributions because they have garnered our confidence by the perseverance and thoroughness by which they fight for animal welfare. We urge you to do the same.

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